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Resources for Leaders

This Leader Resources page has tabs of information and Web links about:
   <>  Scouting History, Lore, and Ceremonies
   <>  Games, Songs, and Things to Make
   <>  Camping and Outdoor Skills
   <>  Service Projects, and
   <>  Excursions.

Agilent Technologies provides Agilent After School science kits to excite and inspire the scientists and engineers of tomorrow in communities where Agilent does business. Junior and Cadette Girl Scouts in grades five through eight can earn an Agilent After School Science Patch.  Review the list of projects and contact the SU-1 Program Support Manager to order kits for your Troop to use next semester.  Fill in an online order form and click the button to email it, or download a spreadsheet order form to fill in and email as an attachment.  

For more information about how to be a leader - training, planning, and sharing ideas with other leaders - see the Leader HowTo page.  
Scouting History, Lore, and Ceremonies



Games, Songs, and Things to Make and Do


Song Resources - Books and CDs
  • Girl Scout Pocket Songbook*
  • Our Chalet Songbook*
  • Our Chalet Songbook II*
  • Brownie Girl Scout Songbook*
  • Girl Scout Songbook Collection and Recorder*
  • The World Song*

*Can be bought through the catalog or at the council store
**Can be checked out of our library

Song Lyric Resources - Online
Things to Make or Do  
Camping and Outdoor Skills
There is a progression to camping with girls. At each age there are steps you can take that will help the girls find camping to be an exciting and pleasurable experience. Here are some resources to help with the progress.


Outdoor Food

Service Projects

Girl Scouts are often eager to contribute in a meaningful way to society and the Girl Scout organization encourages them to do so. There are several ways to contribute: some troops organize their own service projects and some participate in projects organized by others.

Troop Service Projects Ideas

Troops contribute to their community through Service Projects. Below is a list of ideas for troop:

  • Sing songs at a local nursing home or hospital at some time other than Christmas
  • Make wrap-hats for Cancer patients.
  • Make tray favors/decorations for a special occasion to donate to a local hospital or convalescent home or for Meals-on-Wheels recipients.
  • Make permanent placemats for Meals- On-Wheels clients.
  • Collect clothing or personal items,books,and games to and donate them to a local shelter for the homeless.
  • Collect used clothing and donate to Goodwill/Salvation Army (older girls could be in charge of washing/ironing/sewing on buttons, mending holes)
  • "Adopt" a troop Grandparent(s) in your neighborhood or in a convalescent hospital.
  • Litter chase of local ball park/church grounds/meeting place/school grounds.
  • Volunteer car wash for parents in appreciation of all the driving they do.
  • Make small craft packages for local hospital children's ward.
  • Ask church/school/library etc. if your unit could plant/maintain their flowerbeds for the summer.
  • Collect several unused pages from coloring books and staple together.Place with a few crayons in a ziplock baggie for children who have to wait in hospital waiting rooms.
  • Help with trail maintenance on local hiking trails.
  • Participate in a river clean-up project with local agencies.
  • Put on a play for a local nursing home.
  • Do yard work at your local Council office or Council owned camp or volunteer to help with yard work at a location of your choice.
  • Volunteer to help with a church supper.
  • Make dog or cat treats for local animal shelters (make sure you check with local animal shelter first).
  • Make craft kits to be used by hospitalized children or adults or shelters.
  • Volunteer to read stories to children at your local library's "Children's Hour" or develop one if none is present.
  • Volunteer to work at a local campaign office.
  • Help serve at a local "soup kitchen" in your community. Even Brownies can help with setup.
  • Make bibs for AIDs babies.
  • Collect supplies to make new Mom care packages for needy families - including items like formula, diapers, tampons, sanitary pads, etc.
  • Make aprons for soup kitchen workers.
  • Make fabric bags to be used by patients using wheel chairs or walkers to carry their 'needs'.
  • Make learning pillows (one side could have a zipper and the other snaps or buttons, etc.) for a local day care or head start.
  • Plant flowers at a local park, nursing home, library, etc.
  • Make baby quilts for Packard Children's Hospital
  • Construct some baby and child quilts to work on and donate to local battered women and children's shelter. ( The quilts are very easy to do. A print fabric and a solid fabric with batting in between is stitched together and 'tied' every 6 to 8 inches.)
Trips and Travel

Join Girl Scouts and discover a whole world. As Girl Scouts move through the levels they can travel farther and longer. Here are the rules for travel at each age level.
  • Daisy - Day trips if any at all
  • Brownies - Day trips and one night overnights indoors
  • 4th Juniors - Day trips, indoor and camping overnights up to two nights within 250 miles one way
  • 5th grade Juniors - Day trips, 3+ nights camping and more than 250 miles

So, now you know what you need to plan a trip but the question is where. The links below should provide some great ideas.